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Willkommen in der “Endbenutzer” oder “Retrofit” Bereich des RDS-Website.

Dieser Bereich wurde speziell für Endanwender der Produkte und Dienstleistungen, die RDS bietet über sein Netzwerk von unabhängigen Distributoren zu informieren.

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Ceres 8000i

The RDS Ceres 8000i uses precise optical sensing technology to monitor, display and record grain yield alongside moisture content, speed, area, work rate and harvest rate.

CMM 100

The RDS Combine Moisture Meter 100 is an easy to use moisture meter for combines that gives the operator a continuous and dynamic display of grain moisture.

SAM 100

The RDS SAM 100 is an easy-to-use and cost-effective method of collecting fieldwork data for cost-analysis relevant to both farmers and contractors.

SAM 200

The RDS SAM 200 allows for more accurate fieldwork and the acquisition of information relevant to invoice charging.

SAM 400

The RDS SAM 400 allows for more accurate fieldwork and the acquisition of information relevant to invoice charging.

MFDC 100

The MFDC 100 is a user-friendly and cost-effective method of monitoring a number of seed drill operating functions and controlling the tramline sequence.


The RDS Artemis is a variable rate control and monitoring system for seed drills that removes the need for a mechanically driven landwheel by operating the metering unit with an electric motor maintaining its speed proportional to forward speed.

Artemis Lite

A low cost solution to variable rate control on pneumatic seed drills.


The RDS Axlog Alpha is a user-friendly vehicle overload warning system that provides individual axle overload information to the operator and the gross total.

SID 200

The Speed & Distance 200 is a cost-effective and user-friendly speed and distance measuring instrument.

Shaftspeed Series

The RDS Shaft Speed is a range of easy to use instruments that monitor up to six different shafts at the same time.

Spraymaster 200

For the accurate application of liquid spray products proportional to the forward speed of the vehicle.

Delta 34i

The RDS Delta 34i is a user friendly, fast-responding automatic regulation system for all types of sprayer.

Industrial Enhancements

RDS offers a wide range of system extras to expand the functionality of your on-board weighing system

GPS 16 – Measuring and Mapping

A 12 channel GPS receiver for accurate measurement with both the PSi and Wizard ranges.

Satspeed – GPS Speed Measurement

A simple interface to convert GPS signal data to a radar compatible speed pulse.


True Ground Speed Sensor: Measurement of true vehicle speed regardless of wheel size or slippage.

ICP 300 Printer

The ICP 300 printer is the ideal printer for industrial and agricultural vehicles. An ultra-lightweight and low power printer, it isdesigned for heavy-duty use in the harshest environments.